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If you want to maintain the unique user experience your device has to offer and enjoy the top quality provided by Apple, choose our authorized service center.

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Our Reliability Commitment
Info Quest Technologies respects your needs and priorities, and suggests the most suitable solutions for you. We commit to repairing your device promptly and effectively, and returning it free of charge, wherever and whenever it suits you best. Your opinion matters, as it helps us improve. We’re listening to all your feedback and suggestions, and make a point of responding accordingly.
Our Service Experts
All the service experts employed by Info Quest Technologies are certified by Apple and regularly evaluated, so that they always provide you with the best possible services. They keep up with all the latest Apple technologies and the specific service requirements of each new model, and they are trained accordingly. Our personnel meet the highest professional standards and will always strive to respond to your needs as quickly and effectively as possible. Our lab Our service experts
Damage-free Repairs
Scratches, cracks and other damages are quite common for devices repaired in non-authorized service centers. Info Quest Technologies will service your device in full compliance according to Apple’s guidelines.
Quality Warranty
Following the repair, your device is covered for 90 days under Apple’s warranty, or for the remaining period of the initial warranty - whichever is longer. This is why we are the preferred choice for the vast majority of people who want to service their iPhone, while still under warranty. As a certified Apple Premium Service Partner since 2009, Info Quest Technologies is now the biggest official service center for Apple products, servicing more than 70% of the total volume of warranty covered Apple products in Greece. lnfo Quest Technologies means extensive experience and leading reliability. We are the only provider in Greece trusted by all major manufacturers and operating as an Premium Service Center for their products.
Apple Premium Service
All repairs are made in specially designated areas and in compliance with Apple’s guidelines, by certified experts who are regularly trained by Apple. Our labs are equipped with all the equipment, infrastructure, automations and processes determined in Apple’s stringent specifications. We work closely with Apple and support all the exchange and service extension programs announced in its official web pages:
Apple Service
Genuine Parts
Your device will still be an Apple device after repair, operating exactly as it did the first day you bought it, as we use ONLY genuine spare parts. Info Quest Technologies uses nothing but genuine Apple spare parts for all repairs.

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