iScreen eXpress 

Have your iPhone display replaced in less than 1 hour!

Info Quest Technologies is the only Apple Authorized Service Provider in Greece and Cyprus that has been authorize by Apple to repair and replace iPhone* displays in its own facilities in Athens.

With iScreen eXpress, you can be sure that your iPhone will be repaired at an affordable cost, by Apple-trained engineers using only genuine parts, so that it will still be the same device you love and trust – no delays, no compromise.

*Find out which models are covered by iScreen eXpress. This Service is provided in less than 1 hour, at the Kifissou Avenue Service Center upon appointment.

In less than 1 hour

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iPhone models covered by iScreen eXpress

6s Plus
7 Plus
8 Plus
Xs Max

What you need to know

In which cases does iScreen eXpress not apply?

iScreen eXpress does not apply to devices with serious visible defects, such as multiple dents or scratches, or deformed frame. In such cases, replacement requires more time.

Which damages can be repaired
with iScreen eXpress?*

  • Broken digitizer/LCD touch screen, and functional issues with the Home button and the Touch ID sensor;
  • Viewing issues, such as blank / black screen, distorted video, brightness or backlight issues, light bleed and pixel issues;
  • Multi-touch and 3D touch issues;
  • Issues pertaining to the device’s receiver (distorted sound, no sound), the front microphone and the functionality of the front / facetime camera (image quality, no preview on cam app);
  • Issues pertaining to the functionality of the proximity sensor and/or the ALS sensor.

*either under warranty or not

What’s the process when the device is covered by a warranty?

We evaluate each case separately and, if:

  • the device is under warranty, and
  • there are no signs of abuse (broken or deformed device, moisture),

the repair cost is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, with no additional fees.